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The per capita consumption of dairy products has become a development indicator of a nation’s prosperity.

Mongolian dairy pioneer, Suu JSC is proud to celebrate its 58th anniversary of supplying pure organic dairy products to customers nationwide. Our people are 100% committed to continuously improve product quality and offer innovative products to meet ever changing customer needs by taking into account their demographic profiles and way of life.

Our factory is well equipped with modern processing technology and environmental friendly packaging line to satisfy the public with the highest quality Mongolian cow milk and dairy products.

It’s stated in Mongolian law on Food that fresh Mongolian cow milk, livestock meat, grain seeds, wheat, flour, and drinking water are in the list of ‘strategic foods’ which are mandatory in Mongolians’ physiological needs.

Milk has the strongest and the largest market share with 80% of fresh milk production, as it has been working collaboratively with over 2500 herders and farmers across Mongolian endless steppe day in, day out for half a century. The greatest food brands are built from the best ingredients. With half a century plus expertise and world-class processes, we proudly serve our customers with 100% Mongolian grass-fed milk. Renowned for our natural pureness and stringent quality assurance systems, our dairy products are of unmatched quality and nutrition.

Established in 2009, Suu has opened a butter and curd plant in Khentii Province with a daily capacity of processing 10 tons of milk. The processing plant procures milk from surrounding 200+ herders over the summers.

We have made a total commitment to quality, underpinned by our Quality Management System and ISO9001:2008 accreditation.

Under the slogan, "From the herder’s farm to your home", we work together with over 2500 herders and farmers throughout the country.

As the number one dairy producer in Mongolia, we are proud of our contribution to the Mongolian dairy industry.

Mission, vision and principles


By aligning Mongolian traditional dairy usage with latest technologyimprovements, our mission is to produce healthy dairy products while exceeding customer satisfaction.


To conduct environmental friendly production using modern technology and innovation which meetsever changing consumer needs and combines enterprise know-how and 3 generational expertise.


We are committed to:

  • Total customer satisfaction  
  • Producing the highest quality products
  • The highest standards of food hygiene
  • Compliance with international standards
  • Respect for the environment
  • Support for our local farmers
  • Teamwork and creativity
  • Social responsibility

Overview of local chapters

Erdenet - Erdenet Milk Eco LLC (Erdenet Milk)

The Erdenet branch of the Milk Company was established in 2011 to supply high quality milk and dairy products to the population of the western region. This fully automated plant processes 40 tons of milk per day and produces over 30 types of dairy products.  Erdenet Milk collects milk from over 600 farmers in 10 different areas in Orkhon, Selenge and Bulgan aimags all year round.

Khentii aimag - Curd and sour cream plant

In 2009, The Milk Company launched a new curd and sour cream plant in Khentii aimag with the capacity to produce10 tons of milk and a range of curd and sour cream products.  Our branch in Khentii aimag collects milk from 200 farmers in the eastern region.

The Suu Timeline

1958 – Established as a Milk Factory with assistance from the former Soviet Union specialists and had a processing capacity of 30 tons of milk per day.

1971 –Thefirst dairy manufacturing line for infants had started operation.

1985 - Extensive upgrades were made to the machineries and buildings, increasing milk production capacity to 200 tons per day as a result.

1991 - Following the democratic revolution in 1990, Suu along with other companies was partly privatized, with the Government of Mongolia owning 51 per cent.

1997 - the company was re-structured, equipments were replaced and new workers were hired. The revitalized company began producing more than 20 types of milk and dairy products. Procurement systems were changed and 20 specially designed trucks were deployed to create a new distribution system.

2005 – With full privatization of the Company started the next stage of growth.

2005 - Installed automated ice cream production line from the EU and started producing 15 variety ‘Dream’ ice-cream.

2006 - Installed a Pure-Pak packaging line, and started production of best-selling milk ‘Minii Mongolyn Suu’

2008 - Installed a Tetra Pak packaging line for milk and juice.

2009 – Fruit yogurt was introduced with the installation of Euro Standard yogurt line.

2011 – Awarded ISO 9001:2008 certificate from SAI Global.

2012 - Installed a new Italian ice cream equipment and started producing ‘Amore’ ice-creams.

2014 – Started production of traditionally fermented plain yogurt ‘Minii Mongolyn Elgen Tarag’.

2014 – Imported Holstein dairy cows to subsidiary Max Agro, the first fully integrated dairy firm.

2015 – Procured 13 million liters of fresh milk from herders and farmers, reaching 70 product types offered.

2015 –Collaboratively worked with over 2500 herders and farmers, processing on average 50 tons of fresh milk a day.

2016 – Set to penetrate export markets with the introduction of its first of a kind UHT milk, in a square Tetra Pak package.